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Please remember, do not look at your school calendar for days off.  We do not follow the same schedule. I

Students should arrive 10 minutes before their class begins, dressed in dance clothes and ready for class.

Regardless of your child’s age, if they are going to miss a class please call the studio in advance.  The student should make up the missed class as soon as possible.  Dancers need to tell the teach they are there to make up a class so they get credit towards their perfect attendance award.

If your child is unable to dance, but would like to observe class, please send a note with them to inform their teacher of the situation.  If your child needs to leave class early, please come and get them out of class.  For vacation dates from dance classes please refer to your year at a glance calendar.

Attendance, Arrival & Attire

Dance Attire:

Proper dance clothes are to be worn to class, hair should be pulled back away from the face in a ponytail, bun etc. NO street wear will be allowed in class.  All dancers should have a dance bag to keep their shoes, dance-wear and personal items in, please put your child’s name in all shoes.

We offer a line of dance-wear, shoes, tights and bags for sale at the studio.  Please check the list at the studio for the proper shoe styles for your dancers class.  From September thru October if you have used shoes you wish to sell, label them with your name, price and then place them in a zip lock bag.

Snow Days - Due to our Minnesota winters, classes sometimes will be cancelled.  Rule of thumb is if schools are closed, so is the studio, but please check your email or call us.  We will have a decision posted by 2:30 according to conditions.

Newsletter & Handouts

Class Observation

All newsletters will be sent by email as well as given to your dancer to help keep you informed about upcoming events.  There will also be an information board in the lobby with class information such as party dates, pictures, costume fittings, etc. please stop in and check for the notices.

If you would like to be added to our email list, please send us an email to registration@weststardancers.com

Dancers may forget to give you information sheets, so it is important that you check your dancers dance bag every week for information that will be handed out during the year.  We encourage you to put hand outs on your refrigerator or a place that is readily noticeable.

We ask that no one other than the dancers be in the dance room during classes, with the exception of the Mommy & Me and Pre-School classes.

We have found it to be very distracting to the child’s concentration and attention, you may always stay but we ask that you use the lobby, we have a closed circuit TV for you to view classes.  Please do not leave younger siblings unattended in the lobby, we have games and videos for their entertainment, but please supervise them at all times.

Performances & Costumes

Your child will have 2 performances a year, our Holiday Show and the Spring Revue.

Reserved seating tickets are available on a first come first serve basis.  Ticket prices are $15.00 in advance.  The performances are video taped and available for sale.  Costume information will be mailed to your home in October.  Costume rental payment is due October 15th for the Holiday Show ($20 to $25 per routine).

For our Spring Revue, you purchase a basic costume which is yours to keep, and then you rent accessories to complete or totally change the costumes.  Spring Revue has 2 payments, November 15th for the Deposit and March 15th for the balance.

Costumes are special ordered, so therefore non refundable.  Costumes can be paid for on a monthly basis if you wish, please contact us for further information.